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About Us

With the aim to connect you with other professionals and providing effective communication for your connections and businesses.

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Avenue to smartly communicate with other professionals in realtime.


Send and Receive multimedia as images, files and sound anytime.


You matter, so get your connections prompted immediately that you are available.

Lets Collaborate.

Are you new?

We have the professionals you need so you dont have to worry about getting connections.

Do you have preferences already? Then go on and invite them. Lets create a bigger community.

You can relax and get notified promptly when you have a new chat from a collaborator or a new message from a co-professional.

Just log in and stay connected to partners around you.

How it works

The process is quite simple and easy. Just a few steps and you are connecting. Just like that.

1. Login

Once you have registered successfully you can proceed to login.

2. Choose a Connection

Invite a preference or choose from our enormous connection list.

3. Message

Compose your message to initiate a chat.

4. Share

Push your files into your chat.

5. Export

Export your chat history anytime.

6. Smile

Thats all.

Why choose us?

We are creating a community for professionals.

We want to help

Created to bridge the gap between professionals, we are here for you.

Helping you to Grow 24/7

Our service is available just whenever you need it.

You want to fly

Afterall business needs to boom as best as possible.

Prochatr for Business

Introducing to your business. Improved specially for you.

Increase your upline

Increase your business turnover and sales with our upline embedded solution that connects your business operations with your sales efforts to the targeted markets.

Improved team collaboration

Collaboration is now on the go. Improve collaboration within your team members with the most effective collaboration tool for communication.

Improved efficiency at workplace

Efficiency at workplace starts with effective communication. Improve the efficiency at your workplace with instant messaging system.

Corporate privacy

If your corporate privacy is a concern, Prochatr for Business end to end, strong SHA2 and 2048- bit encryption protects communication within your business. Prochatr for Business is a closed end-to-end, secured instant messaging between you and your team. Prochatr for Business server version is another layer of protection that gives you much rest of mind. No more threat of corporate espionage!

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