Terms Of Use

Terms of Use


Prochatr is desktop and mobile based real time instant messaging platform that also provides voice and video call facilities, Voice recording and sharing and conferencing. The follow spelt out the terms and conditions that guide your use of our services.

  1. No Access to Emergency Services.There are important differences between traditional telephone services and Prochatr. Prochatr is not required to offer access to Emergency Services under any applicable local or national rules, regulations, or law. Prochatr’s software and products are not intended to support or carry emergency calls to any type of hospitals, law enforcement agencies, medical care units or any other kind of services that connect a user to emergency services personnel or public safety answering points ("Emergency Services"). You acknowledge and agree that: (i) it is your responsibility to purchase traditional wireless (mobile) or fixed-line telephone services that offer access to Emergency Services, and (ii) Prochatr voice and video call services are not replacement for your primary telephone service.
  2. APIs or Broadcasting.If you want to use Prochatr in connection with any broadcast, you must comply with the "Broadcast TOS" at https://www.Prochatr.com/API/legal. If you want to use any application program interface ("API") exposed or made available by Prochatr you must comply with the applicable licensing terms, which are available at www.Prochatr.com/API/legal.
    • Fair Use Policies. Fair usage policies may apply to your use of Prochatr. Please review these policies which are designed to protect against fraud and abuse and may place limits on the type, duration or volume of calls or messages that you are able to make. These policies are incorporated in these Terms by reference. You can find these policies at: https://www.Prochatr.com/en/legal/fair-usage/
    • Personal/Non-commercial Use. The use of Prochatr is for your personal and non-commercial use. You are permitted to use Prochatr at work for your own business communications.
    • Prochatr Number/Prochatr To Go. If Prochatr provides you with a Prochatr Number or Prochatr Dialling Digits, you agree that you do not own the number or have a right to retain that number forever.
    • Prochatr Manager. A "Prochatr Manager Admin Account" is created and managed by you, acting as an individual administrator of a Prochatr Manager group and not as a business entity either signed up for online or server version. You may appoint additional administrators to your Prochatr Manager group subject to their acceptance of these Terms. If you allocate Prochatr Numbers to a Linked Account, you are responsible for compliance with any requirements related to the residency or location of your Linked Account users. If you choose to unlink a Linked Account from a Prochatr Manager group, any allocated subscriptions, Prochatr Credit or Prochatr Numbers will not be retrievable and Your Content or material associated with the unlinked account will no longer be accessible by you. You agree to process any personal information of your Linked Account users in accordance with all applicable data protection laws.
    • Prochatr Charges. Prochatr paid products are sold to you by J18 Heir Investments Corp, however the seller-of-record accountable for taxes is J18 Heir Investments Corp. Taxes means the amount of taxes, regulatory fees, surcharges or other fees that we are required to collect from you and must pay to any province in Canada or foreign government, agency, commission or quasi-governmental body as a result of our provision of Prochatr paid products to you. These taxes are listed at www.Prochatr.com/go/catax. All prices for Prochatr paid products are inclusive of a charge for your product and a charge for taxes, unless otherwise stated. The charges payable for calling phones outside of a subscription consist of a connection fee (charged once per call) and a per-minute rate as set out at www.Prochatr.com/go/allrates. Call charges will be deducted from your Prochatr Credit balance. Prochatr may change its calling rates at any time by posting such change at www.Prochatr.com/go/allrates. The new rate will apply to your next call after publication of the new rates. Please check the latest rates before you make your call. Fractional call minutes and fractional cent charges will be rounded up to the next whole unit.
    • Prochatr Credit. Prochatr does not guarantee that you will be able to use your Prochatr Credit balance to purchase all Prochatr paid products. If you do not use your Prochatr Credit for a period of 180 days, Prochatr will place your Prochatr Credit on inactive status. You can reactivate the Prochatr Credit by following the reactivation link at https://www.Prochatr.com/go/store.reactivate.credit. You can enable the Auto Recharge feature when you buy Prochatr Credit by ticking the appropriate box. If enabled, your Prochatr Credit balance will be recharged with the same amount and by your chosen payment method every time your Prochatr balance goes below the threshold set by Prochatr from time to time. If you purchased a subscription with a payment method other than credit card or PayPal , and you have enabled Auto-Recharge, your Prochatr Credit balance will be recharged with the amount necessary to purchase your next recurring subscription. You can disable Auto-Recharge at any time by accessing and changing your settings in your account portal in Prochatr.
    • Send and receive money. By using the send and receive money feature (if available), you acknowledge that Prochatr uses third parties to provide payment services and effect transfers. Prochatr does not provide payment services or effect transfers and is not a money services business. Sending and receiving money on Prochatr may only be available to users who are 18 years old and over (or otherwise in accordance with the third parties’ terms) and who register and are approved for an account with the third party provider. To use the send money feature, you may be required to sign up to the third parties’ terms and conditions and to provide permissions to share data with these third parties for the purposes of providing the service. If Prochatr receives notice that your use of the send money feature violates a third party’s terms and conditions, Prochatr may have to take action against your account, such as cancelling or suspending your account. Prochatr, or Microsoft, will not be liable for payment services provided by third parties or any actions taken under third parties’ terms and conditions. Prochatr makes no guarantees, representations or warranties that the send and receive money feature will be available or continue to be available.

Fair Usage Policy

Prochatr’s fair usage policy (“FUP”) is designed to prevent fraud and abuse of our products. Prochatr’s products are for individual use only in accordance with the Agreement and this FUP (“Legitimate Use”).

The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would not be considered Legitimate Use:

  • Using subscriptions for telemarketing or call centre operations;
  • Re-selling subscription minutes;
  • Sharing subscriptions between users whether via a PBX, call centre, computer or any other means;
  • Calling numbers (whether singly, sequentially or automatically) to generate income for yourself or others as a result of placing the call, other than for your individual business communications: and
  • Unusual calling patterns inconsistent with normal, individual subscription use, for example, regular calls of short duration or calls to multiple numbers in a short period of time.

Other practices may be relevant in determining Legitimate Use and Prochatr reserves the right to take any unlawful, prohibited, abnormal or unusual activity into account in making its determination. Prochatr may at its option, terminate or suspend its relationship with you, and your use of any Prochatr product immediately if it determines you are using the product contrary to this FUP.


Subject to this FUP, Prochatr’s unlimited subscriptions allow unlimited calls to landlines in the applicable subscription countries (excluding special, premium, service and non-geographic numbers) for the time period specified at the time of purchase. Unlimited calls to mobiles may also be included where stated at the time of purchase. All calls will be disconnected and require a re-dial after a 4-hour duration.

Group Video Calling

Group video calls are subject to a fair usage limit of 100 hours per month with no more than 10 hours per day and a limit of 4 hours per individual video call. Once these limits have been reached, the video will switch off and the call will convert to an audio call. If a participant of a group video call is not on a version of Internet Communications Software that supports group video calls, then the call will be an audio call only for that participant. The number of permitted participants on a group video call varies from 3 to a maximum of 10, depending upon device and associated system requirements. You can find more details at www.Prochatr.com/go/gvc.

Calling landlines and mobiles using Prochatr Credit

All calls will be disconnected and require a re-dial after a 4-hour duration and an additional connection fee will be charged on re-dial.


Each SMS message has a limit of 160 characters. If you type a longer message it will be broken down into several SMS messages and you will be charged for each message sent. If you send SMS messages to more than one person you will be charged for each SMS sent to each recipient. If Prochatr cannot (for whatever reason) send your SMS, Prochatr will continue to try to send the message for up to 24 hours after which time the SMS charge will be refunded to your Prochatr Credit balance automatically if delivery is unsuccessful.

Video Messages

Subject to this fair usage policy, there are no limits on the number of Video Messages you can send. If you are not a Prochatr Premium subscriber, Video Messages will be kept for a minimum of 6 months from the date sent and may expire after that time.

Reverse Charge Calls

Reverse charge calls last no more than 60 minutes, after which time a re-dial will be required by you.